Videos of Aesir Supporter Packs

Can we also get exchange of new harvest craft into old ones ?? just wondering...
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Thalon wrote:
As a company that does rely on MTX sales I don't understand why there is no live preview, so the gamer sees how it would look for his or her char.

This is purely speculation but, I imagine if they'd do this, they'd want to do it alongside a much needed greater store overhaul, and have the preview available in the browser store front too.

And if they're going to do a bunch of website work, might as well hold that off be done simultaneously with a 2.0 of the website to accommodate PoE2 changes. Get it all in one go.

It'd be easier from a hiring perspective, if you could scope out all the needed web work (that's beyond what they already have resources for), and determine how many, with what skill sets, and for how long (project based contracts) you'd want to hire them.
FightFW wrote:
Honest and gentle move. Keep the good work up guys! Thank you very much!

+++++++++++++++Absolutly agree
Good job GG, hyped for new league as usual, you doin great job!!!!!!!
this guy managed the lighting effect in his ho
I would tend to agree with those not praising but requesting improvements from TGGG. But don’t matter much to me, my ship sailed long ago.
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wheres the vid?
or simply make 2 variations for people ?
Перевод поста после ру озвучки?

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