Expedition Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

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Looks like GGG will need to have a full medical staff ready for all the copium in this forum lol. I am personally really looking forward to all the new changes, peace out.
Thats heavy nerfs :(
Tencent at it again NICE
I made a reddit post with a meme about the Slayer part of the patch notes last night.

Reddit mods removed my post
Creator of Dementophobia

Name, reward, art and flavor text all my idea, very satisfied with outcome
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Amazing!!! Sitting this one out. Thanks GGG. Good thing Hearthstone expansion is coming out shortly. Gives me something else to play.
T16 Maps are Trash this league.
Well, I'm kinda glad that new D3 season starts the same day...
TOP_Commander wrote:

I agree with your observation

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