Expedition Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

Feeling torn between wanting to say fuck this game and not wanting to accept what a colossal waste of money it would be to say fuck this game.
WTF the mana cost??????????????????????????????????
Gackuto wrote:
"Deadly Ailments:
Now has a 150% Cost and Reservation Multiplier (previously 130%).
Supported Skills now deal 30-44% more Damage with Ailments (previously 45-64%).
Supported Skills now deal 80% less Damage with Hits (previously 10%)"

Do you play your own game?

They said it during con. They dont have time to play it.
Surely have enough to count their money though:)
What is up with these Mana Multipliers? Holy shit, those are insane Values.

I get all the Nerfs and Stuff, but this will just require a relatively gigantic Investment into Gear/Gems/Tree for quite a few Builds to even make it workable without a Mana Flask.
Not saying Mana Flask is bad to pick, but taking it on the average Attack Build feels fucking awful, so you'd probably have to go for Divergent Inspiration + 2 Elreon Jewellry Crafts + Mana Leech to sustain. Or MGoH for high frequency hit builds.

It's not uninteresting to work around Mana Sustain Limitations, but that should have no place in 99% of the Attack Archetypes and IIRC GGG said so themselves ages ago.
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So when a new person asked me for advice, I always told them, "Use you're flasks" and get to know POE.ninja.

Now; Cast on death portal and give me all your gear when you quit after 2 weeks.
Am I the only missing the things that are supposed to be good about this league?

With such a massive nerf to every build and increase in time we will now have to spend leveling and grinding lategame its going to be ridiculous. Especially as a hardcore player im completely uninterested in playing a game thats now focused on having the shitty campaign we have all done 10000 times drawn out even further.

GGG get it through your heads we hate doing the campaign and lab every damn league.

Thank god Diablo 2 remaster is right around the corner
I totally agree with you

60x7 wrote:
Feeling torn between wanting to say fuck this game and not wanting to accept what a colossal waste of money it would be to say fuck this game.
All those nerf are pretty scary and mana costs looks worse... I guess we need to play this to see how bad is, but it's going to be really tought keep up with mana regen or leech a 6Linked skill, and damage in general... looks terrible.

Add there in the formula how bad are now unique flasks... or big nerfs to some defensive mechanics with nerfs also to movement skills, or movement in general, when mov speed is to me the biggest defensive mechanic PoE has.

Playing hardcore with all these changes is for masoquists.

I see 75% the server starting friday with traps/poison or minions.

good luck!
VERY NICE!(in Borat´s voice)

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