Expedition Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

Let's get our builds ready for the nerfed T-Pose RIP Challenge League!
Ugh, still no update to POB.
A 150mio dps build now deals 100mio dps and a 1,5mio dps build 1mio dps. Seems like a clever way to balance a game.

TWENTY TWO new stackable currencies?!!?!?!?!?! What in the actual eff
loudpinks2000 wrote:
So you are frustratedthat the build you've been using for literal years and still not hit 100 won't be viable anymore?

Where did I say it wouldn't be viable? I reasonably conveyed that the changes were annoying, especially since they're ostensibly intended to address disconnects between the way a lot of people play and the developers' vision that my playstyle and build don't present, at least as stated, but appear likely to inconvenience me more. The build was fun to play and not in any way broken or trivializing content. It's now going to be either a bit less or a lot less fun, and the goals I was enthused about pursuing aren't as worthwhile now.

If I wanted to play a zoom-zoom broken meta cookie-cutter build and obsessively focus on maximizing efficiency so I'd get a build, any build, whatever flavor of the month build could delete screens and bosses that league, to 100 in a league or two, I would have done that. But that doesn't feel like "playing" to me. It feels like work. (It also doesn't feel like "I've" done anything).

What's your point here? Are you saying I'm wrong to care about whether I'm having fun or feeling like I'm accomplishing what I want to accomplish?

I guess they should hold off on the changes until you hit 100 in 2022.

It's not clear to me that they need to make the sort of changes that do this sort of thing to the build I'm playing, or other builds or players at the same level of power. I feel like I'm in a good place relative to what they say their vision for the game is, and many of these changes appear to poorly serve the goals GGG claimed to have for them, especially relative to their impact on people who aren't in the content-trivializing tier, and especially stacking them in a way where there's negative synergy in the impact.

To put it another way: Item #45 on the "Things I'll do if I ever become an Evil Overlord" list reads as follows:

I will make sure I have a clear understanding of who is responsible for what in my organization. For example, if my general screws up I will not draw my weapon, point it at him, say "And here is the price for failure," then suddenly turn and kill some random underling.

This is, metaphorically speaking, a "....really? >.>" from said underling. :)

But, sure, that'd be nice. :) (I mean, I wouldn't expect it'd be 2022 since I've only been focused on specifically leveling this character rather than just experiencing what I could of the game, exploring new content, chasing hideouts, etc., really, since the end of Heist (I think I hit 95 about a month into Ritual, after taking a month off at the end of Heist, after having played in league almost exclusively for both Harvest and Heist). Although it might plausibly be 2022 now...)
Awakened Combustion Support when?

"Not that I was likely to [converse of gist of latest patch notes] but it was nice to have the dream." :(
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Am i the only thinking on top of all nerfs , all T14+ maps are bullshit??? WHY YOU ÇDOING THIS I CANT GET IT GGG
You guys aren't happy for being POE2 testers?
am i the only one that reads these post and says" danm with this lvl of vocabulary and stuff you could right a freaking fantasy novel" gotta admit some of yalls post are actually amazingly thought out
this league will end faster than previous:D nerf of everything. gj :D
i gotta get this off my chest
i see allot of people that are affraid of these new nerfs but i have to ask you guys at GGG i major question relitive to all of this
is this Chris Wilson's vision of what the game should be like? or is it the vision of the players community and supporters? not to sound rash but Chris Wilson should be here along side us playing the game he himself created to see what his vision truly feels like but that's another matter entirely

1.increase the damage of gems altogether so we wouldn't have to use so many dammed supports to make the skill that's being supported less suck and actually viable in the first place
then all you'd have to do is simply add a few more zeros to the content and make it harder altogether but have better xp better rewards for killing said bosses etc but in stead lets do the total opposite and increase yawls workload even more seriously? if i was working day in and day out nerfing the things that i spent soooo much time creating as you devs clearly have i would go crazy

but what do we know ....were just players.....

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