New and Changed Skill Gems in Path of Exile: Expedition

The number of targets that Sweep can hit has been increased to 100 (previously 30).

From 3.15 patch notes. Why this piece of information wasn't included here? Why is it being kept hidden from the skill gem?
rip skill gems lol
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UsualNickname wrote:
You guys cry so much. In the end, you all quit the game before the league ends and everyone is bla bla blabling a lot.

Before complain, test the game. You all want easier things to quit the game and forget they are a company that needs to make players STAY in the game, so the game needs to be competitive and challenging.

your opinion with 7 challenges is completely out of touch compare to dude with 37, you not even played the game last league and you know nothing about difficulty and balance, how frustrating is killing, for example, feared with 80+ iiq when you solo player without aurabots abuse.

so tru
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Corwynt wrote:
DarkenX wrote:
Lovin' a lot of these changes and nerfs. Force the meta to morph and people to adapt, that's how it has to be when people still try to make Speed Clear the way to play and the devs say 'no, don't do that' too many times.

Anyhowdywho, can't wait to go on a drunken stupor with Flask Thrower! One of each flask for MAXIMUM DRINKAGE!

Do Legion fast or else you lose rewards
Do Simulacrum fast or else you lose rewards
Do Delirium before the fog runs out
Do Incursion before the time limit runs out
Kill the betrayal characters fast before they run away

When did they ever do anything besides try to make us go fast? I'm looking at their actions, not their words.

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nice one... R.I.P. POE ....
grigo18 wrote:
DESNIMC0 wrote:
When the Reaper consumes a minion, does it kill the minion outright or just consume a portion of its health? Is it possible to keep the Reaper and all other minions up constantly?

Does the Reaper consume specific minions before others? For example, if I keep enough Raised Zombies or Summoned Skeletons up, will it spare my Golem and Raised Spectre?

You need all minions, because they gives different buffs when consumed ;-)

you sure about that?
fml nobody told us that the reaper's dmg reduction to other minions increases with level, i really thought it's capped around 20%. This is kinda bad
Most of the skill gems are getting buffs from the looks. Why are there a lot of people complaining? Old stats versus new stats on the majority have increased?

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