New and Changed Support Gems in Path of Exile: Expedition


The most stupid thing make it by a company who want to maintin his playerbase. I gonna see Chris Wilson in the future saying "PoE players abandonned the new league because (insert some bullshit) and not because we nerf all the damage in the game whitout giving the players some reason to play"
"We want PoE to be played forever" Chris Wilson
Finally, Multistrike on totems.
why isnt spellslinger on this list?
lol spellslinger probably isnt on the list cause the nerfs for all other supports are so bad that you wont be able to spellsling. never used it anyways, i got a few ideas for builds that are looking pretty good still, traps anyone??
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Me over here eating popcorn watching the raging of people that dont know what to do cause of the change.

Going so the time to slay the care bears is a pond us, good very good.
spellslinger not on the list likely because the only changes will be indirect thanks to the global increase of mana modifiers, expect a lot more reservation needed

also, rip awakened hextouch: A nerf was in order, yes, but instead of smacking it with a nerf bat they ran over it with a nerf truck
So if I put Earthbreaker on Earthshatter are the Totems going to expolode the spikes themselves? I know Earthshatter says allied players can do it, but I do not know if the spikes from the totems count as theirs or mine.
Also will the totems be able to create fisures and spikes individually, bypassing the 5 fissue and 15 spike personal limit? If they do bypass that limit it is going to be so much carnage exploding them all.
Support gems no longer support

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