New and Changed Support Gems in Path of Exile: Expedition

so i dont see it or quality on second wind does nothing now ?
Painful to say the least. Mana sustain being my alltime least favourite mechanic (at least in PoE) becoming a thing for most builds now, while elreon rings arent updated (which makes them probably kinda useless rn).

Atziri's Foible grinding in SSF it it...
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We need mana support on support gem! lol
I Believe I Can Fly ~~~~
I understand the concept of all the nerf and I am cool with that.
However, I do not understand why the support gem gap is still so wide open in several cases, e.g. just compare these two:

Life Leech Support gem
Energy Leech Support gem

One grants only sustain
The other grants sustain and damage multiple times
I'm a non-forum post player, but this is getting out of hand.
The changes all made are a real rubbish, especially made to the support gems. Gentlemen, if you do not want people to leave a month after starting the league, it is as simple as: (idea that occurred to me) Why don't you make another atlas parallel to the one there with more difficulty and other bosses, the maps would not have to change, so people would be happy without so many nerfs and eat a lot more content.
To many nerfs at one time. I get they want to change the game but like wow, unreal.
semms like it's gonna be a chore to play this league. too bad 'cause expedition seems like a fun mechanic but I guess I'll be skipping until they bring power back to PoE
This is all just pure garbage. Nerf flasks, cripple most builds with these support changes oh and be prepared to never have mana again. More like Path of Denial (no fun, no casuals, no build diversity). Lame GGG. Just. Lame.
Behead Support become my new inspired learning :)
and we have ANOTHER BORING MINION LEAGUE. booooring booooring booooring. why minions must always be on the top? why?

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