New and Changed Support Gems in Path of Exile: Expedition

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I'm sorry but all of this is absolute insanity. I can understand some damage nerfs, even though this is the 4th league in a row of pure nerfs ( btw from what black hole did you pull out the statistics for that power creep per league graph ? ), but the the support gem giga nerf + mana cost, the absolutely uncalled for annihilation of flasks and removal of curse immunity, the nerf to movement speed gems, all of it I just can't find a polite way of describing this besides pure TROLL.

The choice to go with a build that either allows you to go fast or slow and rewarding movement speed and dodging abilities when you do go fast, in addition to the array of skill gems that you could use are what set this game apart from the rest of generic arpgs and Diablo.

I strongly feel that making everything slow AF ( 8% max Adrenaline is a joke ) and nerfing everything to the ground just to make it so people that can no-life the game have some sort of feeling of reward is really not the way to go.

You could have addressed the trade system and the fatigue it causes, which has been mentioned for like 5 leagues in a row, you could have found a way to build in the game the 3-4 3rd party apps that you need to run to play this game, you could have made it so Map bosses actually drop decent loot to give all players a sense of reward, and that's just off the top of my head right now.
- you could have lowered the drop rate of loot to have less clutter on the ground and to help players to not get tired of introducing these garbage items to a vendor. And made it so when something does drop, it's actually something worthwhile to give players a sense of reward and exhilarating anticipation
- you could have made it so when a player does any map for the 50th or 100th time they get to play vs harder map mobs and the map boss would be on pure steroids and these have a chance to drop certain very rare items. This should definitely reward those that can no-life the game )

Instead you chose to destroy the flask system, take away part of what sets this game apart ( the option to go fast ) and make it even more tedious to play the game.

Games are a supposed to be a source of entertainment not a second job ! If this is the direction you're going with poe 2 and poe in general I strongly feel you'll loose a lot of the current player base that came to the game after the 3.0 patch.
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I just returned to the game few days ago after a while (more than a year) - recuperating from the severe nolifing :D

What I'm greeted with is a new upcoming leage, nice!

What I'm also greeted with is the funniest d*** move I've seen in a while in gaming. Namely, you show all the boosts you've added on the main page (the skill gem forum page) and then with a small hint to this "secondary" support gems page where you take back all of the boosts and more.

Brilliant :D

As someone who is looking to find a skill tree and a fitting build on my own, this support gem nerf is one thing, but to see the reduced damage AND mana impact in the game is a demotivating thought.

This update is looking a bit like a worse version of the old patterns. Could someone point me to some uplifting aspects, please?
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The totem support is amazing but I dont understand the strike skill support. We already have ancestral call and multistrike. There is no way to fit one more clearing support unless you want zero damage. I hope pure damage supports are removed entirely with damage coming from the skill gem itself. That wouold solve these issues. Then again that would introduce new problems and might not be worth it before poe 2.
I think GGG needs to take another look at what ws added/removed from Arcane Surge Support.

Arcane Surge grants 20% more Spell Damage

Arcane Surge grants 20% more Spell Damage

Was it added or removed?
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I really hope you guys fix this T-Pose bug and that it doesn't interfere with the new league in any way o.o
Akurazashi wrote:

Instead you chose to destroy the flask system, take away part of what sets this game apart ( the option to go fast ) and make it even more tedious to play the game.

I hate to be slowed down, because that's the fun and because nothing was added back. This is a game that's already very complex and takes very long. You're not improving the game, you're just pushing it into being tedious and losing what sets it apart.

Turned my previous builds (not only the screen shot one), which were good and completely different from anything anyone else was playing (aka build diversity, checked on poe ninja/builds), into barely playable builds. And these numbers are with flasks up, I don't think it's even playable with mana costs and nerfed enduring mana flask and charge generation.

Wanna nerf 40%? Fine. Wanna slow us down 80%? Fine. Make that playstyle rewarding!

A huge nerf like this without interesting support gem alternatives and while keeping things like 100% delirious the hardest endgame available.... You're just making it so that only streamers playing for their life and with access to a team are able to ever do that content. This HURTS diversity, not improves it. Going in this direction, only a small number of builds will be strong enough. And there will be little room for customization within those builds, so everyone will have to play with basically the exact same setup. When chris said there would be heavy nerfs but other changes to adjust them I thought you would be making the game more rewarding in some way. There's nothing like that. No QoL, no drop rework, no making longer grinds shorter, no nothing. That's just boring. And guess what, your targeted top players will still play in parties and with support and aura stacking friends, and will still zoom zoom at the same speed. You're only hurting the other 99.9% players.

By the way, no where in the patch notes or in this page the flask charge generation changes and the triggered skill mana cost are detailed or noted.
While the changes have me worried, I think it's fair to wait and see how they'll actually pan out before predicting doom and gloom for PoE. While it never feels great to lose power relative to what you're accustomed to, the "ripping off the band-aid" rationale in respect of power creep makes sense. I don't think its necessarily fair to say this is aimed at benefitting only streamers or the top 1% either - as someone who plays a couple of hours in standard per day, I can see the power creep and I think it might be a good thing to scale it back.

That said, the magnitude of these changes means that there is the potential for things to go very badly wrong. The immunity nerfs in particular don't make a lot of sense to me - we only have five flask slots, and so already have to make meaningful choices about whether having a full set of immunity flasks is worth the trade-off with unique flasks like bottled faith, atziris, wise oak, etc, and if not then which we want to sacrifice. In the event that they do, I hope GGG has the humility to admit it and would be prepared enough to roll back these changes.
One thing GGG needs to be careful with here by bolstering the mana cost on the support gems is that you are making a 6 socket supported skill almost unplayable due to mana cost….1 skill gem supported by only 4 supports won’t cut it for even mid to late game…and if this is going to be the only way to keep the skill mana cost down…let’s just say maybe you need to revisit the end game then. There is no point in having all this cool stuff for mid to end game when 99% of your player base will either give up or struggle like crazy to get there.

Then again it may not pan out this way….however after reading all the nerfs on the supports there is a real risk here…
What exactly is the point of reducing the damage of spells linked with Cast on Crit if the added mana cost pretty much kills CoC for main skills already?
I don't get it, instead of putting CoC in general in the dumpster they should have just nerfed some spells that were very strong with it and buffed others that were too weak.

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