Path of Exile: Expedition Launches Soon

Very exiting! Going "safe" with summoner? :D
Final chance is test in standard with my planned build. If you destroyed it, first league skip in years. Too complicated really to be 100% certain this time.

Already 20 hours into last epoch. It's not perfect but it's a lot more respectful to players, especially new and casual ones. Melee and tanking is apparently possible there.

time was I would have said the build freedom is work there since it's a bit like single class/sub titan quest more or less, but the build "freedom" in poe has evolved to the point of a newb trap and a blatant lie.

It's clear you don't want new players, and I withdrew my recommendation across the board. Dad retired and I wanted him to join me. (You would have liked his money I'm sure.)

But yeah no, they game is clearly trying to purge a select half or more from its player base. With eastern royalties no doubt rolling in to all previous GGG stock holders, I fully understand the economics of why. You're gambling from a position of absolute safety.

It's just ruthless and treacherous is all. I really guess the film was right. You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. It seems a core human truth.
They are purging the bottom half of the community as measured by profitable to them. Good business sense, perfectly legal. They don't need or want new players. They want new spending.

Spent 3.15's support money on Last Epoch instead.
Thanks for the Torrent

i hope my 6K download this File before Expedition is Live =D
I'm excited and nervous for League start.

-Excited for the new league.
-Nervous for all the DC's at launch.

May the Server RNG be with us. XD

Can't wait to spring into the action.
"The key to winning any fight is simply staying alive."
Yandere Reaper Waifu league let's go
Can't wait to start throwing bottles of booze at everyone and everything in Wraeclast and Oriath.
Download was 28.7Gb in 3.14 down to 23.9Gb for 3.15 is most likely the only reward I will get this league.

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