Path of Exile: Expedition Launches Soon

spokipo wrote:
The saddest part is that the developers don't hear us.


I really loved PoE as I got first in contact with the game - even if the complexity of the game was quite overwhelming in the first few month.

But after this: Hey, what a great game and no real "pay to win" like in other MMRPGs I played so far! I even spent real money because I liked the way I could use it for all my characters convenient stash managing.

I also liked the way the Devs did cycle in new challenges every X month and the fact that they formerly used the players feedback to decide what mechanics and/or changes will go to standard league in order to keep the playerbase happy.

But since the last few leagues, and since I dug deeper into things like reading forums, watching events and interviews with GGG, etc. my view as a "casual player" with average skills just spending some free time into the game has changed dramatically.

Sure the game engine is dated and inserting new engine mechanics into it could work. But some time ago it just didn't: A lot of players have suffered severe performance losses and stated them in the forums. Still there was mostly silence regarding this issues in almost all patchnotes and comments from the devs.

Rebalancing a game that is playable so diverse is quite a hard thing to do right. And there will always be some very few top notch players who will squeeze out the very last DPS on every given league and kill bosses in no-time and for them the endgame will be a piece of cake. But: Even if these few players promote their top-builds over various channels as guides that others will follow, the very vast majority of the constant playerbase will not be as close in performance as a few players who can afford the time, gear and have the skill to play flawlessly. Not even close. So in my eyes the re-balancing is most of the time done to mitigate the extreme power of a few players - but harms every single player in the playerbase. Even those, who "just want to play" some little hours a week to have a good time.

This leads to new skill gems, gear and the passive tree. Sure, new gems, gear and skills are nice and could potentially lead to more player diversity. But with GGG introducing them to an already bloated and hard to balance game it's more a "spiral of death", where even they can't keep track of all the possibilities the various combinations of gems/skills/gear can create. But some few players do have the time (GGG and their Dev teams most probably don't have) and take it to figure out these extremely powerful builds. Everytime. Every league. This will not stop if GGG introduces more and more possibilities to diverse with every single league.

After all I think cutting the game down so hard might have been just a "logical" step for GGG to get things under control again. PoE has wildly grown into a huge bloated piece of possibilities - where some few are extremely powerful and the majority is just "okay-ish".

But: Doing all these nerfs to the game and crippeling some core mechanics in this league really pissed off quite a few players - me including. Especially because it was done (at least what I can see) without adressing the needs and thoughts of the playerbase regarding quality of life features the game would really make shine (again).

What brings me to my conclusion (sorry for the lenghty post):
A games' loyal (and paying) playerbase that is heared and respected while developing new features is vital for a game to secure its future existence (and yes, I know there's PoE2 on the horizon). Therefore the playerbase should be treated with respect and transparency. It should be heared and included in the development of an ever-changing game. Maybe I should look again, but did I ever see any polls being carried out by Devs lately asking the playerbase for their opinions regarding problematic issues or changes in the game? For example: Poll what does the playerbase think about EXP penalty in Standard league?

Crippeling gameplay for almost the complete playerbase in order to try stopping a few overgrown players should not be the way to go - especially when at the same time more possibilities to overgrow again are pushed into the game.

I will not join into this league, even if this means I can not really contribute into the pros/cons of this leagues' changes and how they might get carried over to Standard league. But GGG really left me thinking about their way of developing the game further.

Maybe see you around in Standard league some time.

Best regards
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A big thank you for the memories from me, and see you in another game. My characters are deleted. Please remove my account.
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aryosgr wrote:
A big thank you for the memories from me, and see you in another game. My characters are deleted. Please remove my account.

same, d2 resurrected incoming
20 mins in game was enough for me to skip this league. Cya Gaben Wilson
Congrats on your smoothest launch yet!

And a tip for trolls: Get at least one achievement before you complain about a league, then people might belive you've actually played it.
I can get over all nerfs, everything. But rlly some things are LoL mana for triggered skills (i dont play CoC and simmilar but jesus) you played any other game do any in your team know what triggered means?

Expedition drop is just terrible, even I love new skills and as I said I can get over all nerfs, rlly one of most important things in one ARPG is DROP, LOOT, THOSE ITEMS what make us HAPPY, and that dont exist anymore in PoE.

This League and all content is in one sentence "Pain-full ARPG experience what I want to forget ASAP".
ScreenName wrote:
Congrats on your smoothest launch yet!

And a tip for trolls: Get at least one achievement before you complain about a league, then people might believe you've actually played it.

Im play ssf standard, and you know what? Nerfs ruin my experience there too. And launch is smooth because player base quitting game. That is sadly fail and nothing to congats on.
Good luck!
I just really, really, ..... Really hope what's left of the now "Core" players of PoE, who swear by and defend everything that GGG does have deep pockets, and nowhere else in their lives to spend it. GGG's going to need it soon, as they've lost a lot of revenue.

I'm sorry, but I called all this out almost two years ago, when I saw the direction things were going.

Congrats to the minority now, that love the changes. It's all yours, .. Support it.

It's too bad, I did love this game, and I showed it with my wallet.


Not even half what I put into it, .. Sigh..
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25+ leagues & challenges player here.
Still not playing it for a simple reason: it was already on the red line previous league and seems nothing got fixed especially this incredibly unhealthy amount of clicks and micromanagement required. You added 20 currencies ? wtf seek help lol
Janitor Simulator looking for aurabot waifu.
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ExpeditionGiraffe; Level 5 Ranger;
Death counts: 5 or 6 (didn't actually count)

If you don't want someone besides the core players to play it you can just call the League "go play Minecraft you little noob" and I wouldnt even feel offended.

Starting a character feels like playing HC league with 2 corn dogs as weapons in a wooden wheelchair.

Skipping this league is like the only way pretending me from starting to hate this game more than the first and only 30 minutes got me to.

I wish you the best of luck for your future and hope you don't suffer from low league-participation but my expedition is over here.

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