The Midnight Pact Mystery Box

I like this darkish Harry Potter
There are some appealing items in these sets. The auras deserve specific mention, being visually effective without saturating the area around a character and obstructing the player's view.

Used moderately/selectively, particle effects and flashy designs aren't necessarily a bad thing. If the 'addition by subtraction' trend continues, I'll be a happy exile. Nicely done!

pls rollback 3.13 patch.
MTX looks cool, but due current state of the game, I am having so little fun...
F@#$ Mystery box.
I can FLY!
Poe makes me feel like Christmas or new year. It is always the same...

Bye bye new league
I gotta say, the building supplies and curios in particular in this one are just outstanding. In general, amazing art. I won't be gambling on those, but I might buy some of it in the shop next league.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
Worst Time to release such a cool Mystery Box.
Listen to the Community.
The only logical and appropriate reaction to the Announcement:
not bad
Path of Exile needs to follow gambling regulations. Voluntarily.
Otherwise, governments will not look at bad game design or at patches that highlight such bad game design -- they will crack down at GGG for not providing 18+ (21+ in US) rating to the game, making promotions available to minors, not disclosing outcome chances (normal-rare is not such a disclosure), not inviting government monitoring missions, not verifying gambling client age and not making sure these are financially capable -- and, obviously, not paying 94%+ taxes from their gambling income. Of course, doing some time will only do good for Chris -- but that time combined might exceed his remaining lifespan.
All in all, coming clear is a better way.
And that's all I have to say about this mystery box.

Except for the tail sticking out of the middle of a spine. Ugly as hell.
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