New Microtransactions: Void Emperor Cremation, Blade Blast and Bladefall Effects

leniusxue wrote:
so you nerf these builds to the ground and then show us these mtx, what are you even expecting? Happy pay the bill and use these skill to torture ourselves?

If you made a Rage Vortex one I may consider somehow

Thats illustrate how GGG even if come with brilliant ideas and game concepts, still dont understand people emotions, and are not flexible at all.
Every "balance" path nerfs, nerfs, nerfs.
Most players dont play to feel frustrated. I invested hundreds and then thousands of hours to have powerful character. And every time they nerfed to the ground i feel like i robed of my life time.

GGG please stop that nerfs madness, its really ok to have powerful character that can clear whole screen, in pve arpg game.
My best character few leagues ago was able to clear most of game content, and some bosses where difficult to kill. And next day after new league start its nerfed and struggle with mid game content.

Try image that you log in today on your d2 account and your hammerdin struggle agains diablo, and mf sorc cant blink around because implement "balance"
I would not play d2 anymore, if that would happened.

Sorry for rant, but i still care.
Good luck!
these are nice and all but who in their right mind decided to release them now and not last league.
GGG is so mad ...
Destroy all build and fun for trying to sell skin and things for them...
Whens the spectral helix mtx coming or are you guy's going to make spectral throw mtx available?
now THAT is bad timing =)
You smeared these three MTX announcements on three different posts just to remove 'What We're Working On' announcement from your frontpage, did you?

Goebbels (and maybe Daresso) would be so proud.
The only reliable way to stop the epidemy is to eliminate even slightest chance to have a contact with contagious person/thing/creature/whatever.
How do you guys not get it at this point?

You should be focusing on restoring people's faith in GGG and POE.

Instead you are focusing on trying to sell MTX boxes.

If you build it, they will come.

You need to fix the game and have people WANTING to play instead of Trying to Find A Way To Enjoy the game before most people will part with their cash.

I am struggling to understand hoe you are misreading the community this bad.
The starting point of GGG nerfs this time is to suppress the swelling game data, but unfortunately, this obviously violates the laws of nature. Everything has its own lifecircle, you can slow down his growth rate, but the sudden change from "improvement" to "negative growth" will mess up the entire life balance.

To be honest, every construction in this game is like the life we created. We spent days, weeks, and even a few leagues training her. Excluding the part that died halfway on this difficult road, the rest is completely the product of a huge amount of mental labor. Why not respect the fruits of the players' labor?

GGG hopes to increase the fun of the game, but it has raised the endless difficulty threshold time and time again. I want to say that if I don’t raise the “damage” to this threshold, I can hardly experience some of the basic projects of the league. Why each The league forces players to stack "damage" desperately, instead of using the rich combination of skills to make some more interesting interactions?

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