Patch 3.15.0e and Royale Balance

while you're at it, can you make the game fun again?
maybe move that up the priority list.
MissDerry wrote:
Hars152 wrote:
how about you forget about the royale and use all your resources to fix the game you destroyed?

Royale is part of that game too now. They did say they would be working on it for patches and testing each weekend during the league. But aside from that... I kind of agree. There are many issues causing people to either stop playing or to play a stressful version that feels overtuned. With the exception being those who meta-built the same old builds as all the streamers just to get the content done. My bleed build suffered from a nerf last league, now it feels dead at end game.

Let's not pretend that the reason Royale is getting a lot of love right now doesn't have at least a little something to do with the Streamer Twitch Rivals Event happening this weekend.

This league being salvaged for the casual 60% of us will have to wait until the 20% MTX Whales, and 20% Streamer playerbase is appeased first.
Daym this all so reminding me Frontier and their ED game. Same they tried to introduce Arena aka CqC, like this Royale. First 2 weeks all were happy, but after.. players just abandoned it. They still trying, no luck. And all that were done to compensate for devs being loosing touch with players, nerfing out all of fun stuff from Galaxy, and ruining their game. Finally they lost even inner flame and creativity, sad times when founder gets old and stubborn. Many players left and never returned, me included. It was so good and fun game, and it was so attracting mature and quality community, what helped devs and did many very useful 3rd utilities and stuff to help play. Because it was worth it. But look at it all now, case is such a colorful and juicy life-dev example.

Thy writing all this?
I see quite same happening here with PoE just now.
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Thank you!
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Really looking forward to the increased logbook drop chance! I found one today after grinding about 10hrs. Not too bad since they're pretty profitable, but getting 2 in that time would probably feel more appropriate.
So many Royale changes while everything about the league blooooooows.
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Yo GGG did you forget to add the Expedition Brimmed Hat to the store? Trying to toss you a few more bones for the update.

While you'll ultimately get more reroll currency for Dannig, Rog and Tujen because of the increased stack sizes, the drop chance has remained unchanged with the exception of Astragali (Gwennen's reroll currency), which has had its drop rate slightly lowered in maps. It was already far more common than the other ones.

July 25th

The team are discussing increasing the rate that you find vendor reroll currency items for Rog, Tujen and Dannig. Gwennen's was already 4x as high as the others and is in a good place. We'll probably have a value for this decided by tomorrow.

Also, we are discussing increasing the stack sizes of vendor reroll currency items and all Expedition currency in higher maps. This should make playing in hard maps more rewarding than trying to farm specific campaign areas.

Classic GGG

Stating the same facts twice, but using it to emphasize polar opposite feelings; to make it sound like its fine or getting improved... before nerfing it and validating it by making it sound like it was unintentionally way more than it should be.
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you are doing this wrong again
Great work
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.

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