3.14.3 Engine Patch Notes Preview

Cant wait to alpha test this during 3.15 ...
i have to say seeing all the people complaining about SSD and the other ppl makeing jokes about ppl who only have a HDD, i bought a SSD just for PoE and put it together with my win10 on it, 2 programs only on a 240gb ssd wich cost me just 40euros (storebought) i am pretty sure you all can buy them cheaper and ill guarantee you, you wont regrett it. HOWEVER!!! in all my years gameing i have never seen a single game that requires you to have a SSD, how come i say require? because its in the recommended requirements of PoE on steam, and if tell me you have a rig that has the minimum only my dear lord, how do you even launch the game? what i try to say here is, it feels like the * reccomended * specs are the minimum and they should realy realy REALY update that page....
anyway stop makeing fun about ppl who dont have a SSD yet, they will eventually but as it is now a good 40-50% of all pc owners (pulled that number out my ass on assumptions of what i read´on reddit/this forum/other game forums) dont have one
i feel like most issues are not caused by simple graphic bottlenecks like not enough VRAM etc.
The bigguest hickups and stress on the engine is caused by the insane amount of loot and combat calculations done in heavily juiced up maps. The engine was simply never made to have hundreds of mobs running at you with millions of HP with a delirium fog overlay.
I mean the game runs buttersmooth during the campaign but goes really downhill when you reach endgame mapping
I'm terrified to be honest. Last time you did a major engine update that would "improve" things, i ended up being unable to play the game for months (barely got to play for a bit before the end of Ritual league, ended up costing me my chance to get the ritual hideout...). I sure hope its not a repeat of that.
Please don't break the game again.

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The cache is automatically cleared once every league launch.

tbh, I would prefer that happening two days after/before league launch so I have the best possible performance at a league launch.
oh cool so your finnally LS swapping that clapped out motor nice
POG. Thanks!

thanks for the update.
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32bit Win10 user here and I'm upset D:

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