3.14.3 Engine Patch Notes Preview

Time to alpha test another performance "improvement" for an entire league. Yay.
any chance this will help console (PS4 specifically)?

At some point during heist, you guys fixed a lot of problems and the game was running quite smooth. Then you changed it all and now it's terrible again on PS4. Deleriums used to be smooth, now you can't really do them without frames dropping to 0 constantly and everything else. You had it, it was good then you ruined it and it's hard to understand why.
Where are the settings files?
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give us endgame back!
It appears this changes will be a good addition to the core.

The new overlay will be very usdeful to quickly diagnose problems

I liked that "clear cache" button, i have a low end pc and that made me lost less time, now i think ill need to do all that "pathing" again.

And that change in the behavior with low end gpus, i can predict that my 2GB VRAM gpu wont carry much thing for many years, sadge.

I hope that we can have any "low" settings on options that have as default "medium", since i want to play this game with less FPS drops.

Thanks for constant updates and comunication with the PoE community.
The performance graph looks quite sleek now, very nice
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You mention that "Instance Server" is now shown on the graph, does it toggle red when the instance server's current CPU/GPU is 100%? Like let's say I kill a very large pack of mobs in a very high juiced map and it explodes, my fps spikes down instantly due to server-side calculations. Would this in theory turn the "Instance Server" on the new performance graph to red?
Lixy wrote:
An engine improvement patch right before a league launch?

These have never gone wrong before!

We still have basically a month before league launch... They are doing the thing that everyone asked them to do and are releasing this stuff weeks before launch. I hope your post is sarcasm...
Very very very nice
perf breakdown is nice
No to conditional challenge on top of RNG pure luck mechanics. What's the next challenge? Loot a mirror from monsters killed? OMG. PLS GGG. NO.

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