Path of Exile: Expedition Challenge Rewards

dorkdude2 wrote:
24 challenge league.

portal is neat but I will never use it, I like my $480 portal more.

weird flex, but ok
IGN DanteAllighari - Standard
ArcTesla - Domination
DanteAlighari - Domination
Weapon effect is all right.
i wonder if i can get to 36 before i get bored :/
The portal and weapon effect are very cool !

I made 40 chall this league but not sure 36 will be achievebale with the nerf. Will try BTW
we leave footprints :O never saw those in my 10k hour playtime
Only portal is good. Footprints effect have too small AOE, weapon effect kinda scuffed. IMHO
I hope we will have not same random shit as trialmaster spawn, So I can FINALLY complete 40 achievments, not 37-39 (38 and 39 without trialmaster is pointless © Sirus)
IGN @SexyMilf
once again only thing good on here is the portal.
Portal again...
Portal looks amazing, lets hope no RNG bullshit final boss challenges that you can't get no matter how much you play without luck

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