Path of Exile: Expedition Challenge Rewards

Damn, the rewards are actually really good this time around. Shame I won't be playing this next league.
thought a portal twice in a row would be really bad and yo this fits just perfect in this league. hahah
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Solid rewards all around.

Perhaps more effort than it might be worth, but I would like to see a slider or portal variants such that the rotation speed could be adjusted. I feel that the current effect spins too quickly, but recognize that not all will have such an issue.

Regardless, pretty good stuff this time!
36 or nothing.
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nice portal i'll never have
Not bad.
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only like the portal which i wont get.
Looks great! Can't wait for league start!
Oof that portal is heckin cool. To grind or not to grind...

Love the weapon effect though will definitely get that. Looking forward to this league!
No hideout again. :/ Feel like we're progressing backwards in incentive.

Also it's been almost 10 years and we're still on the 3-reward plan?

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