Path of Exile: Expedition Challenge Rewards

I was hoping for wings or aura effect, footprints are kind of too weak for an league reward imo. guess 40 totem again
Need This PORTAL !
Well, gotta do 36 again. fml.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
Challenge rewards meh again... Might be another short league. Foot prints are hardly noticeable unless you zoom all the way in. Weapon effect is kinda there, I guess? Portal is mediocre. Not much to chase here, we'll see if the league is at least fun and accessible.
nice, no pet = i love it!
you know the time dogg
Would love to see 12 - Weapon, 24 - Wings and 36 - Portal though!
give us free dog :(
Hardcore League

IGN: Rilict or jestlolk
Such trash rewards, how anyone can be excited for any of them is beyond me. Honestly, not even trying to be negative just being honest. *Sigh*

Challenge rewards are supposed to be the carrot on the stick, not such an tasty carrot let's be real...
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I would like to see more rewards that can be stacked or stored somewhere. Auras and Pets more often would be nice. You can release pets in hideout if youre at cap and auras are generally in multiples or at least you can use it to change the color schemes of character outfits in most cases. It sucks already being enfranchised where the rewards equate to basically just notches on a belt rather feeling tangible at times.
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