Path of Exile: Expedition Challenge Rewards

That is such a sexy portal!
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it is better when the foot step stay longer.
Hopefully I still have it in me to do 40/40.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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I don't get the hype behind portals, oh cool a shiny animation I'm gonna look at for 0.2 seconds at the end of a map.

Pretty disappointing rewards, I'd rather them not even doing challenge rewards if they're not going to do their job of hyping you up for the new league and give you a reason to push.

No shade on the people that like the rewards, but we should ALL be excited about them not be polarized. And there's no doubt that GGG knows exactly what type of cosmetics players are excited about.
Portals look sick.
Jerle wrote:
Hopefully I still have it in me to do 40/40.

Imagine if 40 forum icons was a challenge…

I like the subtle weapon effect.
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Don't like being negative but these rewards are really bad compared to the last league the portal is okay though
WoW! The first time got censored in the forums, so they deleted my post "Yawn", why? To short as feedback, too negative?

As they said, "action speaks louder than voice". So a "Yawn" comment is enough reaction for me than a wall of text that had been said by others & had been said many times before.

And in regards to the rewards, my feedback/reaction is still the same.
It's the same footprint, head attachment, gloves, weapon or character effect, wings or portal every league, been there, done that, boring... YAWN.
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nice, thanks for not having a pet
I would like it if there is other stuff in the reward pool from time to time.

Like a body armor. gloves, boots, ghost things behind people ,aura skill gems, glowing eye mtx, weapons and shields.

Ritual was good since we had a Hideout and that candle aura. Delirium was also good since we got the horns a head attachment something we dont get a lot of.

In this and ultimatum all 3 rewards felt like cookie cutter rewards.

im not saying they look bad but i would have been more excited if we had something different in it.

Personally i would like to see a rework of how challenges work. the game is way to bloated now.

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