Videos of Aesir Supporter Packs

Didn't buy it kekw
Really good move guys!
MTX preview when?
Aura Stacking Build Guide: /view-thread/2913007
Aura Stacking Gear Overview: /view-thread/3074939
Yes a light vs dark lighting test is a good start, maybe setup a MTX preview in the future too.
thank you for not being a scummy company GGG and allowing for refunds / swaps it really shows a care for your community
Another fuck up? Can't wait to see what launch day brings lol
Moridin79 wrote:
Another fuck up? Can't wait to see what launch day brings lol

Sounds like you just want to complain mate. Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games doesn't need your negativity. Why don't you go back to reddit to complain about the game instead of actually enjoying all this free content we get every league?
Really gracious and honest offer, thumbs up on the move.

I decided based on that video precisely because it looked like a blend of dark and light with cool effects, but was waiting for Wednesday to buy. I'll wait for the new showcase but if it's half as good as in the original post, it's still worth it imho.

Honest work, good stuff
А для RU комьюнити никаких извинений, типа: "Сожрете и так, как *** без масла".
Только вкачал - уже понерфили.

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