Path of Exile: Expedition Launches Soon

hope no prior queue this time
Is steam download size gonna be as big as the gpk size, 23 gb is just ridiculous.
Be a LEADER when you see a path others have missed,and Be a FOLLOWER when you are shrouded in the midst of uncertainty.
life's not fair
please fix bug disconect when joining other hideout
rafaelgxs wrote:

no need, many players quit poe about many nerfs bad.
let's get ready to die hard and fast...
Pixle_Twitch wrote:
Is steam download size gonna be as big as the gpk size, 23 gb is just ridiculous.

No, they changed that a while ago. There is no ggpk file for steam, just a lot of smaller files and those get updated. Patch size will be around 8GB as for the standalone client.
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AShugars wrote:
I really hope the T-Pose bug is fixed for this league.

No, leave the Vitruvian Grandpa-No-Pants alone, he's hella cool.
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
Innomen wrote:
Final chance is test in standard with my planned build. If you destroyed it, first league skip in years. Too complicated really to be 100% certain this time.

Already 20 hours into last epoch. It's not perfect but it's a lot more respectful to players, especially new and casual ones. Melee and tanking is apparently possible there.

time was I would have said the build freedom is work there since it's a bit like single class/sub titan quest more or less, but the build "freedom" in poe has evolved to the point of a newb trap and a blatant lie.

It's clear you don't want new players, and I withdrew my recommendation across the board. Dad retired and I wanted him to join me. (You would have liked his money I'm sure.)

But yeah no, they game is clearly trying to purge a select half or more from its player base. With eastern royalties no doubt rolling in to all previous GGG stock holders, I fully understand the economics of why. You're gambling from a position of absolute safety.

It's just ruthless and treacherous is all. I really guess the film was right. You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. It seems a core human truth.

You are kinda right. PoE does many good things but also has a LOT to improve. I did let my self hear. As did many. Iam fine with the dmg nerfs though. I just hope they will improve many other things like, crafting, loot drops/rng, trading and current state of the Atlas. Those should be the top 4 priority imo. But we'll see what it has become an will become in the future.

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