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Thanks, these all sound like good changes. I wanted to congratulate the team also for the new skills, I'm having a great time playing boneshatter and building around stun.
3.15 is pure pain, there is no fun in playing the game, i have a lot of friends who quit or straight up uninstalled the game, they come here to casually have some fun, not to go play darksouls.
I myself quit yesterday since the flask and ailment changes suck the entire fun out of the game.
You guys should know better, every god damn time you nerf from multiple angles at once, whatever you touch becomes garbage.
i don't like 3.15 patch :(

Please bring back 3.13 patch :(
Bryhan88 wrote:
PoE 2nd time destroyed my RX570 drivers, when fix?

That's not problem with PoE, AMD GPU are just trash.
As someone mentioned before.
Balance POE2 w for POE2.
Stop treating POE1 as a guinea pig because you don't want to do another open beta for POE2.
This nerf approach clearly does not work
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gank3dprvl wrote:
Incarcerated wrote:

I'm sorry that my enjoyment of the game is killing your game. Sadly your enjoyment of the game is killing mine. Maybe you can understand that?

I can, but at 3rd day of the league we have numbers like 3rd month on any other league. SO, mb my vision of future of this game is more respectable in community, than yours? Isn't this thing calling democracy? Path is chosing by more voices? OH. IM SORRY. THIS IS PATH OF *******EXILE********, no more questions.

(Funny joke, huh?)

You're oversimplifying.
Firstly, you made your mind up after a few days. You didn't even try to adapt.

Secondly, those numbers show people who aren't as attached to the game are leaving. The retention metric is far more important and we won't see the result here for some time. You're drawing conclusions from a statistic that simply is not useable at this point. Also, there may be PoE veterans who quit because of the speed meta that may come back due to the changes.
I don't expect the majority of players to understand how statistics work so I'm not accusing you of misrepresenting figures. But if you spend some time studying the use of statistics and the manipulation of statistics, you can see that what Reddit is posting is manipulated to prove their hypothesis. They also do not have access to other figures that are equally important and GGG does have those. They will probably share them but overall, you should not allow yourself to be manipulated by a SINGLE statistic provided by a dubious source.

Thirdly, nobody's opinion is more or less valid than anyone else's. Democracy means listening to ALL of the population and not one subset of it. What you're describing is essentially populism or mob rule.
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Thank you very much for sticking to your idea!! The changes are good, keep it up, luckily for next league all the toxic reddit idiots are gone :D
Thanks. I must admit i was all for the nerfs as i completely understand the reasons behind, but that 1 second immunity only on flasks felt way too low, especially for ailments like freezes. Reduced charges gained was enough of a nerf for that matter already.
Not sure where the best place to put this is so you can see it but 3.15 introduced a bug for me that never happened before. If I try to Ctrl-Left Shift click to buy a stack of currency from a vendor (say buying Augments from Lani in Act 10), it doesn't work. Some of the ones worked once (I got a stack of 19 alts one time and subsequent clicks did nothing despite having more than enough currency for multiple stacks) but some of them don't work at all.
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Way to go, community.
Differing opinions are toxic now. Nice, well enjoy your smug, know it all fanbase who clearly know how the game is supposed to be.

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