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general2906 wrote:
Why do I get the feeling that these GGG posts are made for Tencent, not for players?

Because you may not be understanding it properly.
jsuslak313 wrote:
These things are really terrible...3 months of testing and designing and you still messed up things this badly?

Who thought 1 second immunity was a good thing? Who thought bleed flasks not helping with corrupted blood was a good thing? Who designed the Reaper (described as a 1-minion army) with such little survivability in the first place? Who tested the goatmen and determined their ridiculously overtuned damage was a GOOD CHANGE? Who played through Act 1 and decided that mana multipliers as they are now were a GOOD amount?

Why are there changes being implemented 3 days after league start? Does NOONE at GGG test these things before rolling them out?

What don't you get about the CLICKING that's the problem? I could care less if you introduced 100 different new currencies, stop making us click on them! Why can't everything be like Azurite?

Items should not be like Azurite - but I do think Currency and Keys should absolutely be.

Beyond that, the only time I see this post this early is if GGG and Chris KNOWS they f'd up. And they know they did. All of us now 100% know they did. Not because we all "feEl!" that way - we have hard numbers now.

The drop offs on steam from Friday to Sunday were some of the worst the game has ever seen. And the last time it ever even came this close, sure enough, they quickly jumped in with one of these posts and changed a bunch of stuff to save the game. And they got lucky, because people DID come back for the next league.

However this... this is going to be interesting.

Because on the one hand, the power creep needed to be addressed. Imagine being a developer and working your ass off for months on a boss fight and a ton of mechanics, only for some overgeared whale player to fart in and one shot the thing. That is what was happening, and it isn't good for the game.

However, if you are going to slow the game down as developers, you really REALLY need to figure out how to compensate players, and also make sure the game is properly balanced for slower play.

There was a trend for the game to develop towards the speed meta, and now that the breaks are being put on that, it means EXTRA care needs to be taken by the development team.

Slowing down game play should also mean that the game is more rewarding. Aside from the league mechanic, I am not seeing a more rewarding game right now. I will say the gameplay in act 1 redone was FUN for sure. I can get behind that play style. But my God, it felt like a slog, due to the mana issues AND the fact that it just didn't feel rewarding for the time spent.

If this is the direction the game is going to go, then make encounters much more rewarding. I still like the idea of act bosses dropping a unique at level for their acts' zone every time - can be any unique in the game in the general drop pool for that zone's level. At least then players feel a sense of reward and accomplishment for completing a slog...
Having said that, we hear you

We hear you, and will keep making new currency that the majority of the players don't even know the name of or the real use, without making any effort to think about how boring it is to click on each one of them, or how they pile up on inventory, making their 6 portals be wasted going back to Hideout just to dump (no weight) currency, removing the space they would use for items (that also have weight!!).
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bring back 3.13 patch
i like big crits and i cannot lie, you otha brothas cant denyyy....
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These sound like very good changes.

I would love to see the excavated chests get some love.

The league overall is very rewarding but opening these chests and getting some blues and yellows is kinda lame in maps. I'd love to see some alcs, chaos, scours or even chances from these. Would help fill the void of my missing clear speed and overall loose change need. Making them more in line with legion chests / blight sacs.

Loving the league overall!

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Darknight81 wrote:
SAD 3.15 SAD nerf of FUN you will lose many paleyrs I think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creating challenge within games, equals fun.

Or is it that you're after a braindead hack 'n' slash interaction instead?
rollback or I will quit 3.15
It just isn't fun.

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