Brutus: Twitch Highlights

I was disappointed when Oni Goroshi didn't have a snarky responce cued up for Brutus' "Let Me Embrace You!"


No, no, little man, they're MINE!

You call that am embrace? Let me show you!

You've shown us yours, now let me show you mine!
Live and learn or die and teach by example!
Last edited by Paegus_Nine on Jul 28, 2021, 5:41:02 PM
Cant blame these streamers, scared the doodoo out of me too
orangemoose wrote:
Such a random and seemingly needless change. I liked the doorway smashing but again, what was the point?

You truly can't see the point of this? Geezus dude...

what is your problem? Like to see players suffer?
Love this. Even the dweller in the depths being changed to the crabs that swipe you from the water. Love that change a lot. It was always odd to me that it was just a bigger mob before. Good stuff GGG!

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