Brutus' Prison renovation was one of our favourite changes for the Expedition Expansion. We couldn't wait to see how players would react, and we've collected some of our favourite reactions in today's news post. Check them out below!

NOTE: If you have not experienced this fight since Expedition's launch and do not want to be spoiled, you should know that these clips contain spoilers.

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Yea that was spooky
Edit: first pog
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One of the best changes. Room needs some adds and a different death spawn point though imo.
Kripp Is so chill about it LOL
I liked Brutus in his own room better.
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no Quin69 PEPW
Я няшная девочка худенькая, бледная, не очень высокая, девственная, нецелованная, с тонкими ручками, небольшими ступнями, синяками под глазами, растрёпанными волосами, не выхожу из дому и говорю на разные темы.
Готова помурчать в дискорде, пишите ниже контактные данные, будем вместе проходить карты.
Such a random and seemingly needless change. I liked the doorway smashing but again, what was the point?
Jump scare the first time and the second time as I just waltzed along to the door.
Good change.
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more changes like this would be cool
I got Diablo 1 Butcher flashbacks from this. Of couse, the surprise is just once, but it was a cool move. By the way, can't wait for the rebalance of acts 2 and 3, as those are the ones that need it the most

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