Brutus: Twitch Highlights

I grinned the whole Brutus fight.

Love what they did to act 1. And I'm very happy for Chris and the guys that they finally got the orbs to try and bring the game back to what it's supposed to be.

As much as I like the new voicelines and the details of Brutus smashing the archways the new placement feels kinda... cheap.
Recording all your elite streamers...
No wonder the game is designed for them.
Also why they get priority queue.
I'm approaching this from the Casual Side rather than the dedicated gamer side. I'm glad the re-balancing made this, and other encounters more then the simple "Blast through the boss" that the encounters had become and brought them more in line with the original iteration (been playing since there were only three acts then you started over on a higher setting). Definitely keep up the good work.
Oh right. I forgot. We - peoples which spend here the least 8 and something years enjoying spending time in the Brutus cage. Ofc.
Actually I was just about to invite a few guiltiest to sit there and make a sunbaths in his dwellings.
Right... lets pretend that the game is OK.
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I like it, but we should now have something else to kill in his room. two bosses in a row would be nice.

maybe it's just a clone brutus and then you fight the real brutus in his old arena? or brutus from the future who comes back like cabel in x-men.

OK they're both terrible ideas :D
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I am a console player (wich has a delayed launch). So thanks a lot for the spoiler GGG. Well Done!!!

definitely love the changes to some of the stuff
Oh holy hell I killed him basically where he first appears had no idea he demo's the doorways if you try to run that's so cool!!!
Cute gimmick but couldnt honestly care less.
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