Brutus: Twitch Highlights

dizz wrote:
I propose GGG makes his spawns random, maybe even across a few entire different areas to keep things spicy. lul

Good idea. This would make the Warden's quarters more terrifying, knowing he could spawn everywhere in that subszone.
No shock effect. And Brutus is still a pussy. No hard fight at all.
sushibagel wrote:
Lol This post needs a NSFW or at least a pg13 rating so many F-Bombs lol I think one maybe two clips lacked an F-Bombs.

The game itself is pg18 though
Pfff. These strimers are so over-reacting its cringe.
I like the new Brutus fight. Without the adds and with narrow corridors, the fight is definitely a bit more challenging.
Yep , i wasn't expecting Brutus to be outside of his room LULW
I cant wait for more Brutus content from Gautlet ^^
IGN @SexyMilf

And dat Kripp's reaction LMAO xD
Chico1988 wrote:
I got Diablo 1 Butcher flashbacks from this. Of couse, the surprise is just once, but it was a cool move. By the way, can't wait for the rebalance of acts 2 and 3, as those are the ones that need it the most
That's exactly the vibes I got! Always saw the inspiration of him in Brutus, to be honest.
And I wouldn't mind him being harder (not like impossible, just "always on your toes" level of difficulty) while also hearing his voice calling for us the closer we get to him, like Merveil (and Butcher).
Alkaizer destroyed him :D

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