Patch 3.14.3 - Engine Improvements Patch

is it just me or is there some annoying graphic flickering inside the game?

nvm its only in act 10 mid map
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"If the Shaders bar alerts you about shader loading/saving being critically slow, consider changing what the drive that shader cache is stored on to a faster one."

So, while in ultimatums it's mostly 100%, i should upgrade to nvme ssd too (from my old sata ssd). I already decided to skip some supporter packs, coz i upgraded cpu, mainboard, rams, psu just to play smoothly in ultimatum league. (Well, until that mid-league performance patch, gameplay was mostly crashless.)

I wonder how long will last my ryzen 5600x and gtx 1070, coz their bar jump sometimes to 60%. Perhaps a few leagues still playable.

Btw this patch now seems good, last time i deleted cache, textures were loading slower at first. (tho i ran just 3 maps)
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still nothing for fixing hypethreading problems ?
extreme lags on dx11 and stuck on loading screen forever on vulkan
Guys what is the white line on the performance graph?

Is it "Server"? What is "Server" measuring?
carcus80 wrote:
Guys what is the white line on the performance graph?

Is it "Server"? What is "Server" measuring?

The white line is your total frame draw time in milliseconds.
It's measuring how long the Game / API call takes to render each frame.

It's a more precises method of measuring FPS. In an ideal system the number should be 1-2ms above your GPU draw time. This would be a condition where the bulk of the load is being handled by the GPU and not slowed by other system resources. Though the slight delay matters more at higher FPS.

In a basic conversion 8.3ms on the white line would represent 120 FPS, 10ms would be 100 FPS and 16.7 would be 60 FPS. In order to get 100FPS in this case your GPU must render the frame in 7ms.

I posted a pic on page 9 of this thread showing my GPU at 28ms which should be a frame render of 30ms at which should be about 35FPS however because the game hammered my CPU, the GPU was forced to delay it's frames resulting in a total render time of 58ms which is 18FPS.

Personally I could drop settings and get better FPS on a 2070 but then I'd be lowering settings each patch which I've had to do anyways. If I lower settings I can't compare "Improvements".

But no idea what Server means. Maybe they said it somewhere and I just didn't care to read.
This is all just looking like smoke and mirrors to me.
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DbK_JOR wrote:
The performance now is so much worse! Please fix or revert!

Weak hardware, time to upgrade mate.

This engine patch makes the game run as intended, no more drops.
maxed out I stay at 60-70 fps and if turn off global illumination I go to 130+fps.
Stable fps, makes game fluid.
Vulkan rocks.

5600x, 1440p, vega56 a 4 year old card.
samsung 980 pro ssd nvme pci-4.

I consider to upgrade the gpu at some point but haven't been in a rush yet.

If you enjoy a game why not upgrade hardware so you can enjoy it better?
ssm016 wrote:
This update is interesting ... I am currently running Vulkan with a 1070 on my laptop on some high and medium settings and the GPU bar appears maxed out (everything else is fine), even though the VRAM is less than half. I'm a little confused as to what the Graphics requirement of the game is now, if a 1070 can't handle it... or maybe I'm just reading it incorrectly. The performance feels worse, but I'm not sure if that's due to the reloading of the shader cache.

Vulkan push the GPU a lot.
Its more to the metal coding wise.

all my friends couldnt play vulkan cause its have a lot of crashes, and no1 want to lose gigajuiced 5orb map, direct11 was stable

now direct11 is unplayable 0fps, so u basically force me and my friends to play vulkan and crash very very often

nice joke

your hardware is unstable
I'm getting crazy glitches and artifacts with Vulkan, even worse than before. Literally unplayable. 6900xt btw.

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