Patch 3.14.3 - Engine Improvements Patch

Hmmm. Should check this out.
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Icons not appearing above blight chests in map encounters.
Game depends on the logo. gears on black background "since 30 mins".

Maybe is over now. My hardware is old and your improvemnts made it unplayable. Thanks for wrecking game again and again.

I try tomorrow 1 time again, but new PC for 1 game....never.

AWESOME!!! Game is uninstalled now. Nothing works more. Your fuck ShaderCacheVulkan files gets not deleted from my PC.

I want Answer/Help from Support now!
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JugJugJug wrote:
TOTALLY AWESOME!! Prior to patch I was at 25-45 ping... Thanks to awesome patch I'm now at 65 to 85 ping!! WTF?

Your ping depends on the internet connection between you and the game server. It's highly unlikely your current issues are caused by this patch.
Tried a few maps and it's working good on my potato laptop.
Is that only me cannot load the game after installed the patch?

Drukaris wrote:
using vulkan with same settings as before and the game runs worse

average framerate is a bit higher but i have many small hickups


Your shader cache would have been deleted after the patch. The hiccups you're describing may be due to some basic shaders needing to populate again. Please let us know if you continue to experience this!

maybe put that big and fat into the patch notes. because lots of people, like me, are gonna try this out immediately and will experience (temporarily) worse performance - same reason you removed the clear cache button - and will believe the fairy tale of "the patch made it worse," even though they wouldn't even be able to tell at this point. btw, how long does it take to "repopulate" the shader cache?
Now I know why GGG forbid us to play 100% delirium maps. It's unplayable now, and I ran more than 100 before this patch, all playable.

Edit: I always played using DX11, the few times I tried Vulkan before the game crashed. I tested now one map with Vulkan and it's miles better than DX11, will test more to see if the game still crashes.

Edit 2: I tested with Vulkan for a whole day, game didnt crash, which is nice. But performance wise, Vulkan now is as good as DX11 was before the patch, no noticeable improvement, at least here.
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Crashing in Vulkan (need to restart the computer) and stuttering like hell in DirectX.

new menu sectioning changes are small but not unnoticed! looks good!

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