Patch 3.14.3 - Engine Improvements Patch

speTum wrote:
Crashing in Vulkan (need to restart the computer) and stuttering like hell in DirectX.


i have this same problem
skills Needs Rework:
Focus (need updated to current, using old mechanics)
Ward (extremely limited, more crafting options required)
Raise Specter (better minion selection)
Really GGG? No posts, nothing about this eternal loading?
Really GGG? No posts, nothing about this eternal loading?
Fun builds are best builds.
When I first loaded up the game I was lagging like crazy. Constant frame drops, hitching, everything under the sun.

I turned off Vsync, capped my frames to match my monitor refresh rate and switched over to Vulkan and turned Sun Shadow Quality to Low.

I have never had the game run this smoothly before. All of my issues reported above that appeared after the patch have disappeared and the game no longer gives me slight hitches when enemies spawn in on Ultimatums and Legion.

I was annoyed at first but this is amazing.
same for me, cant loggin in, gears on black background.... so?
3.14.3 Hotfix:

Fixed a bug where Intel Integrated Graphics users could get stuck on a loading screen when launching the client.
Ran 1st map (T15 Canyon with Harbinger Zana mod) since new patch with just 3 map fragments and a Rusted Elder Scarab/Map mods not really anything special as far as being juiced up, and I already noticed some lag when loading into the map, a good amount of increased lag in Ultimatums, and when approaching large amounts of packs. I am going to run another map to see if things smooth out as far as that goes. God I hope it smoothens out because my game was running pretty damn smooth before.

Edit: Ran 2nd T15 Canyon Map with Zana Additional Modifier Enchant to it, and turned off V-Sync, and lowered the foreground/background framerates a bit to match my monitor refresh rate, and the mapping is a lot smoother, but the Ultimatums STILL LAG LIKE HELL! I ran these very crisply before this patch, so idk what the heck is going on here with this league mechanic now (might be an auto-skip until the end of the league now which is kinda sad), I lagged so badly in the 1st wave that I just took the reward of 4 fusings because if that were to continue, I would surely die and lose 10% experience. Not so fun anymore like this!
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twitticles wrote:
JugJugJug wrote:
TOTALLY AWESOME!! Prior to patch I was at 25-45 ping... Thanks to awesome patch I'm now at 65 to 85 ping!! WTF?

Your ping depends on the internet connection between you and the game server. It's highly unlikely your current issues are caused by this patch.

Well, literally NOTHING has changed except the patch. Still have 100mbps down, 6-7mbps up internet. No game settings changed since before the patch. Nothing changed on my computer... You got another explanation for almost double the latency I had before the patch??
That, that is, is. That, that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.
would love to check out the patch but after the ~gig update, after the normal GGG splash animation, i am stuck with eternal spinning (small, loading) gears on black background .

can not get to login menu . only choice is kill (either through steam or task manager) . have restarted pc. this attempt was trying to be patient, been stuck 30+min. gave up, ran steam's "verify game files" function "all files verified" try to load again aaaaaaand its stuck :( halp
So, my Ryzen 9 3900X and 1TB WD Black SN750 M.2 are apparently what's causing my game to be jumpy and stuttery despite my RTX 3070, 64GB RAM, and gigabit connection. At sub-1080p, mind you.

Good to know my other two very high-tier components in today's age are what's to blame for PoE's poor performance, and not the rest.
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.
daxtep wrote:
uuhhh down to 55 FPS from 90 after patch :O

//edit: my bad, turned Global Illumination off and we running smoooooth at 110 FPS. GOOD FUCKING JOB

They bricked Shadow + GI in 3.14.

I always had this setting on high then suddenly with 3.14 it was causing a 20FPS drop idle so I had to turn it to low. I'll log in at some point to see if they truly never fixed whatever broke that patch.

I haven't change my settings in 2 years so it's pretty easy to tell what and when something is suddenly trashing my performance. Before 3.14 it was DX11 which I'd run since 2013.

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