Brutus: Twitch Highlights

Great Diablo gameplay thanks Blizzard for your hard work lul
The North Remembers
We don't need to watch the wonderful performances of the streamers, we just need the joy of playing by ourselves.

I know that for GGG, streamers are very important parts, but please also pay attention to the feelings of ordinary players, we are really unhappy now!

Please recognize the positioning of a game company.

PoE is just a game, not a college entrance examination...
Bolaway wrote:
Worried about new players on this new act 1

New players aren't idiots.

They probably won't do A1 deathless but they'll just overpower it with more monster kills than us veterans, earning more levels and more loot than we'd have.
Le Toucan Will Return
Aughyssul wrote:
ivchekal wrote:
Please address the fact that you slaughtered build diversity by nerfing dots to the ground. 70% nerf (considering buffs to monsters and nerfs to defenses, points wasted - when you arrived at 20 to 40% nerfs you did it with half equation), meaning you are doing 1/3 of the damage you would normally do in mid tier maps. Literally quitting this league day 5, the whole experience is a chore if you are not playing meta build (traps, summoners, totems, toxic rain or elemental hit raider - look at poeninja). This is a game and not a full time job. And your job is to make it fun for people to play so that they can support your ability to have a job by purchasing MTXs (I stopped supporting you due to increasing stability issues and overall direction you are taking). League mechanic is good, and forces thought to reap rewards, but overall experience is just clunky as hell. Most people will quit out of frustration without making it to the point where you can craft avoidance on gear so you don't get one shot as frequently.

You should give players a choice to utilize playstyle they like and not feel like they are playing a beta game (poorly thought out mechanics given monster density, aggression, hit points and one shot mechanics).

I understand that you had a different vision for the game, but your game became successful by going a direction different from your vision, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Keep in mind that game becomes considerably less fun the fewer people play it, and you have accomplished just that with this league.

Your game was a truly unique arpg experience (in my opinion better than diablo), but you are ruining it by trying to be like those other guys. You can be a leader in this industry and not a follower, but you need to appeal to the player base that made you successful in the first place and not alienate them.

Thanks for trying and good luck.

Sir, this is a Wendy's

I propose GGG makes his spawns random, maybe even across a few entire different areas to keep things spicy. lul
the great scare of my life, I almost fell :/
Are you joking? Go roll back support gems, what are the highlights?
Boost please reaper, why it's so low in t10+ maps =(((
I really enjoyed the Brutus change. Definitely spiced things up a little. Also, the aesthetic of him busting through the doors is very much appreciated.
Combat is simple.
Keep your blood in.
Take theirs out.
And in which view is that a Highlight ?
Dont try to turn...


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