Brutus: Twitch Highlights

cool ty
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love this idea
3.13 please.
Notice how each class is using the same setup for early leveling? Zero diversity, would be nice to actually level with any skill and not feel like it's terrible compared to others.

One free respec would be awesome after you finish all the acts, so the level experience can be customized way more and be much more engaging.
This was cool the first time. Managed to avoid being spoiled while streaming it myself.

My encounter:
Le Toucan Will Return
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DieAbolicaL wrote:
more changes like this would be cool

"All that fancy sword swinging when all you need is one good stab."
Yeah this was a pleasant surprise, it feels good for the norm to be shaken a little.
Enjoying the league so far, Only complaints are mana modifiers and logbooks bein rare!
Wat da hek
Worried about new players on this new act 1
not exciting. only thing I noticed was the respawn point is like 40 seconds away.
And that there was no adds.
Brutus damage instant killed all my zombies and holy relic. Fun
ivchekal wrote:
Literally quitting this league day 5, the whole experience is a chore if you are not playing meta build (traps, summoners, totems, toxic rain or elemental hit raider - look at poeninja).

Elemental Hit isn't that popular to be in this list though.

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