Brutus: Twitch Highlights

That was a pretty amusing moment! Lots of shouting and panicking at first. Well played GGG.
brutus is a bro now he smash our worst enemy THE DOORS :)
dupie wrote:
Notice how each class is using the same setup for early leveling? Zero diversity, would be nice to actually level with any skill and not feel like it's terrible compared to others.

One free respec would be awesome after you finish all the acts, so the level experience can be customized way more and be much more engaging.

Also, the three lower population leagues ( ExHC, SSFExHC, SSFEx) are all dominated by Spectral Shield Throw Gladiators. Seems weird to see, after leagues of Necros and Chieftains. guess that's what a meta shake-up looks like, eh?

Just to mention, you get around 15 passive regrets from doing quests during the campaign. That should be enough to change from some nodes you decided against. If you want to play a completely different build after levelling up as one thing, then it's going to cost in orbs of regret. That's the benefit of planning ahead.
to compare with your very good nerfs everyone liked (more than 23% for sure) this change was pretty good
GFL - posts same videos in 1 compilation.
GGG - uploads multiple several second videos :D
My reactioon the moment he grabbed me :
"Brutus ?! The frick are you doing here ? You're supposed to wait for me next door, you impatient b**** !"
Caught me by surprise, pretty sure I went oh sh*t. Had to kite him around a bit and quicksilver away every time he pulled me close. My zombies died almost straight away, so I was left spamming srs which was surprisingly effective.

Really loved the change, would love more like this. Specially being able to interact with the environment.
Thank you GGG I love ever twitch encounter , it gave me so much joy watch they first new encounter with Brutus
Soooo glad it wasn't just me :D
I was really surprised when I have found out where Brutus is
"Is there such a thing as an absolute, timeless enemy? There is no such thing, and never has been. And the reason
is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms."

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