3.15 Livestream Announcements

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GMGkaiser wrote:
Heist and harvest had a kid?

Nailed it, that's precisely what it looks like.

Hope they take the best of both, however 'best' will surely be contentious.

And don't get downed about the 'Nerf" stuff, for every 20% nerf there's a 200% power creep counter.

That analysis of statistics has me worried. They are touting that as a positive without thinking about the possible implications that trend could represent. On that graph they were using player creep as an average tending towards a rise. Their interpretation is that they have to nerf the damage boosters on supports as people are doing the same thing.

This ignores the question of why are these players gravitating towards stacking damage resulting in this power creep? Why are players having to optimize their builds for so much damage?

Well the developers are trying to make the game slower and more challenging with the goal of opening up more diverse builds. That's the optimistic goal of PoE's developers.

But what happens when the player's home brew build can't get them to maps? What happens when not being able to get to maps keeps their home brew from getting the new currency in proper quantities to engage with the changes that have been made? What happens when you're frustrated that your actions aren't working? You either cheat or get help.
If these struggling players need help then they will turn to other players that have succeeded. They will then take the efficiencies from the other builds and incorporate them into their own raising the "power creep average" per league.

This is a cyclical spiral that will lead to frustration on the parts of the players that just barely 'got it' last league thanks to the advice of others. Now they are facing a scenario of being unable to play at the level of success they just reached last time. It's a vicious cycle.

Players want to play the game and they want to be able to be challenged. You will have a spread of players that will enjoy these changes. But you are going to have a large portion of players that have not truly mastered the mechanics get frustrated and gated behind damage and health checks. This is a problem as they want to play with the 'toys' (mechanics) that have been created. But they can't because their build isn't good enough either to defeat the new challenge or the new toys are buried so deep into the progression that their build can't get there.

Sorry. That turned into a rant. I just worry about GGG's design choices as they make changes that I know my friend would enjoy but won't be able to because it will be buried deep in the progression. He hates using flasks because of the piano aspect. So he would love the new conditional changes going on in this league. The problem is likely going to be that the orbs won't be dropping until deeper in maps as part of the league mechanic. Considering the conditions he may want will be RNG based then he will need optimistically 10-20 or so of that one orb to get the right conditional enchant on his flask per flask he wants to make conditional. So, the design change is a great one for him but it's hidden behind a skill level that's extremely challenging for him.

I like the game but each league becomes a struggle to convince my friends to play it with me as they've been having more trouble trying to reach red maps with me. Especially when their home brews are failing them.
So... no curse imunity through flasks, awesome.. especially with maps rolling up to 3 curses, [Removed by Support]

Slower progression, less damage, less currency drop, crappy flask mechanic, ohh yeah... and 19 skill gems, can't wait to play... NO.

Do you think POE is our job or something and we have like 12 hours to play per day???

Why are you making the game so unfriendly for players, why is everything changing from one league to another that you have to relearn the game every 3 months???

Players want to kill mobs, lots of them, fast... and get rewwards.. players are not here to make excels and calculate the damage output of something, balance 1000 trillion ailment defences and damage mitigations and imunities, we want to be able to get to the end game in a resonable ammount of time and kill mobs and bosses, that's it...

PEOPLE DO THINGS IF THEY ARE REWARDING, AND THEY STOP DOING THEM IF THEY ARE NOT REWARDING, it's basic psychology - speding 1 month to get to red maps is not rewarding, dropping your first exalt 4 weeks in the league is not rewarding, etc etc etc.

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"Why are you making the game so unfriendly for players"

Been asking this question for many leagues now...
Ahh well, more time for Netflix... and other games :)
From the looks of the announcement video, the game will basically be unplayably hard for 90% of players. Imagine thinking making the campaign harder is a good idea LOL. The game doesn't even begin until you get to maps. If I wanted a good campaign I'd go play Grim Dawn.
Great job GGG, respect for hard choices against powercreep.
As always ggg balancing the game based on the streamers and people who plays the entire day, classic.
thanks ggg, you broke your game.
Poe now is a game for streamer or some neet spend alot of time to play and have fun with mom's credit card.
No one can have fun when you have to work-study, spend 2 hours per day to play this game until realize you can not have enough item or currency to continue play bc 0,1% player make rate drop item to ~0%. Your 3.14.3 patch was so good, it make me hope for better gameplay, but now it's just dissapoint.
New chanllenger? more harder than season before? did ggg dont realize that most player dont even meet endgame boss?
Thanks for the fun before 3.14
Yeah, this is about on par with what I expected:

GGG faces the data of losing more and more players as a league progresses. Therefore, the only logical option is to keep them from reaching their goals for a longer period of time, right?

Every single design choice has been made to make the game more convoluted, far more difficult, and more "meta" based which means needing to farm a ton of currency to even experience much of the game on a majority of builds.

This is not an mmo, this is an arpg. I completely understand the desire and, perhaps, need to drag content out and halt player progression but I guarantee that changes like this will end up having the opposite effect.

It's not sustainable. If you can only prolong player progress by difficulty gating, ever more convoluted mechanics (and I used to love how much more complex poe was then other games, but there is a limit), and the opposite of QoL changes (whatever those are called), vs actual content, then slow the hell down and stop trying to push out these leagues so quickly.

All that happens is that the actual "content" becomes extremely shallow and unfulfilling and all that players have left to do is hop on the endless grind wheel so they can at least see most of the game before they quit.

All the financial metrics in the world cannot interpret what players like and/or want. Of course I understand that a minority of players who no-life the game and make tons of currency early will enjoy the difficulty bump (I don't blame them), but try to keep the rest of us in mind (and not just our wallets)....or all your good intentions will backfire, mark my words.

This will be the first league I completely skip in a long while.

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I wonder if the counter-powercreep balances will touch at all the hundreds of already existing counter-powercreep balances in the game.

I honestly thought they were joking when they said "other games" took an "easy and lazy" approach to powercreep by just increasing monster damage and HP, as if that isn't exactly what's been done for 10 years. The nerfs could be awesome if they are in the name of making the game more challenging and diverse... But nerfing as things are now would just lead to any and all builds instantly dying on maps without ever standing a chance of hurting any white monsters.

I thought they were gonna talk about how they clearly tried to curb powercreep by making maps have dozens upon dozens of enemies on top of you at any given time when they talked about mob density while touching on flasks but no, no intention of making monsters less dense but more threatening, just, same mob rush, difference is now they don't give as many flask charges...

They talk about how people loved the showcase of PoE2 "because it was more challenging" but don't touch on a few key details:

1 - that showcase didn't include any one-shot monster, not even the fucking BOSSES were one-shotting people, and we all know from t10 onwards any blue mob is fully expected to one shot you

2 - that showcase didn't include one player fighting two or three hundred mobs at once, as is the case in PoE now. Combat felt better not just because it was more challenging than a strong PoE build, but also because it was fair, you could dodge attacks, strategize movement, it wasn't just "here is a hundred mobs that will kill you in 0.1 seconds, figure a way to kill them before that happens"
мда. лига на месяц. а потом снова пустой онлайн, побегают новыми камнями, посмотрят, обламаются и ливнут. GGG, для понимания, мертвая игра DE warframe выпустила новое обновление, которое лучше чем все ваши последние лиги, и новый контент, который вы заспойлири, это просто фарм вайт мобов, когда дело дойдет до энгейма, новые скилы будут просто ЩЕКОТА́ТЬ сируса или мейвен. Вы забыли как работает урон в вашей игре? его можно получить только стаканный, от множества источников, или постепенный, но он юзлэс. остальное просто воздух. Приспешник которого добавили за несколько лет, может только ваншотить других приспешников. идеально! то что нужно!
я петушок
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