3.15 Livestream Announcements

Already skipped ultimatum, but this annoucment and more nerfs coming this league will make me finally quit this game.
So fast from the peak of the game in ritual to garbage for how I want an arpg is incredible.
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- Chris, but, why?
- Because I can!
Putting this here even though apparently my opinion is negative and will probably get removed anyway... I don't like it. I STRUGGLE with this game it is NOT easy for me. I play almost everyday and I still struggle. Endgame content forget about it. Somehow each league I make it to around 90-95. So I guess at this point I need to find an easier game because 40% damage reduction on a 6 link and also the flask nerfs just took it to a level of hard that may be fun for some but will not be fun for me. I don't see myself making it to endgame content if they increase the story difficulty so I guess Ultimatum was my final league. I've had a ton of fun this year playing maybe POE 2 will be for more than just the top players since apparently that's what they are balancing the game for. I'm bummed. I know GIT GOOD, This is as good as I'm going to be... Dang can a girl catch a break! Thanks GGG for the fun I had and good luck with the "power creep" that's making your extremely complex and intricate game so easy...
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So, was Dannig's model intentionally planned to resemble Jean Reno? Or is it pure coincidence? xDD
I dont understand why GGG is doing what they are doing.

Hardly anyone has killed the endbosses, yet the game is too easy? Does this make sense to anyone, because to me it does not!

All those nerfs only hit the small player, never those that exploit by RMT and Discord. I did not feel motivated to play the past two leagues and I am even less motivated to play this one.

The game was amazing once, but it is getting worse now with each league. I am not a streamer, I do not buy items in shops or use every exploit the game has to offer on league start. I am a normal person who plays video games for fun and to relax.

POE is no longer a game I can find joy in.

Check my play time, you make the game harder and harder and I play less and less.
When I played POE for the first time, I reached Act1 in the second difficulty and quit. How is a new player supposed to be motivated to continue if he faces Maven difficulty in A1?

You nerf all the fun players have, Harvest, Heist, Summoners... I just dont get it, it is sad to say but Blizzard is making the better games now.
more nerf
ty ty Chris
Thank you GGG for destroying cast on crit the last thing that I enjoyed in this game.
This! I've been playing PoE since open beta but I have a life with a full time job and 2 kids now. Used to have 3-4 hours per day to play but I don't anymore. (Max 1-2 hours)

The business model they are using to push these leagues is just not optimal for your everyday joe looking for a gaming fix. If you play 1-2 hours per day, you will barely get to Sirus 4 before league end. loll

I will play and try to get at least 24 challenges since that is always my goal every league. But I stopped buying supporter packs a couple of leagues ago and definitely switching to D2 resurrected in September. I hate Blizzard but GGG's current model is just not made for casual players anymore. it has gotten out of hand.

Why not take current lore, bring them back to the forefront in maps (BRING...DOMINUS...BACK IN ENDGAME!!!!!!!!!!) and build a league around this? Without including 100 new gems to the existing 500 ones and new mechanics to the already existing and exhaustive ones... (Bestiary, Delve, Alva Temple, the multiple crafting mechanics, Elder (Uber), Shaper, Atziri (Uber), Maven, Betrayal, Heist...and then some)

KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! The game is already extremely complicated as it is. Stop throwing more and more stuff on top...please. I tried bringing new players to this game and they just laughed at me when they realized the learning curve and time they had to sink into it.

Stop this GGG. This will most likely be the last league I play since I was a GGG / PoE dedicated hard-headed fanboi. D2 Resurrected will unfortunately drive me off this game...after 10ish years exclusively playing this.
That is a lot to absorb. Some good stuff and some not so good stuff in my opinion. I look forward to trying the new skills and combos.

The new flask system really has my attention, but my own gameplay will reveal how that feels.

New mechanic looks like an interesting reintroduction of harvest. Instead of a grove and tanks and all that, now we just hook up the lines to the pylons. Open a ritual/ultimatum vendor style window and use harvest rolls with the new league currency to buy and upgrade items.

The new ward mechanic added is disappointing. I play Last Epoch and it is clearly copied from that. I would expect more imagination and a new spin on it at least instead of just taking it and giving it the same name lol.

Hoping the best for a good start.
Just another boring wall of text to continue the chain of walls of text in this thread and drop my 2 cents for anyone whom might care to read this for whichever reason.

I've been preaching that the game needs to get slower for years now, people disagreed with me, now plenty of people are jumping on that bandwagon... classic.

And just like I expected, ggg is going to make the game slower without scaling xp & rewards to match the now slower pace of the game thus making the game slower is going to just feel worse.

And another thing that I expected: if ggg ever decides to make the game slower, they will simply brute force it by tweaking numbers while not making the combat with mobs meaningful; instead just leaving mobs to 1 shot you/cheese you by getting hit by 50 mobs in 0.2 seconds because 6 rares are stacking buffs on trash (ultimatum)/1 shot you with an unnecessary on-kill effect, all while not doing absolutely anything to improve visual clarity.

Bosses will probably continue to be intentionally designed in such a poor way to combat years of power creep either by giving the boss too many phases and horrible mechanics (Maven) or by giving the boss too many unnecessary invulnerability phases paired by 1 shot AoE no-go zones covering up a big portion if not most of the arena (Sirus & Catarina).

Also flask nerf while completely ignoring the abundance of rippy map mods which incentivize flask piano in the first place, I honestly can't imagine how detached from the game whoever made this decision is if you think I or anyone else who's not playing SC is going to run a curse let alone double/triple curse map without a permanent Warding flask. Remember how -% max res wasn't as huge of a deal because resistance flasks gave you +10% max res during flask duration? Yeah go figure how people will roll maps now. Yeah, why rework stun since this is the only game in which everything and everyone can and will stun you, let's rework flasks, outstanding decision making.

Long story short, they'll make the game slower while completely ignoring the many crucial flaws with the game's current design. As much as I hated ultimatum in the beginning, and even now despite still playing it actively I'm not very fond of the mechanic, I can't believe I'll say it but I actually find it sad that ultimatum is going to end because 3.15 so far looks absolutely disappointing.
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